Sunday, March 17, 2013

Possible downsizing

For a variety of reasons, the hubby and I are contemplating downsizing. Now we could just clean out our house and have a huge yard sale but....that would only be unloading the hoard!!!!

The taxes here are high and we do own a lake property as well. The local school board here is nuts. Their budget didn't pass, they have personnel drama that never ends and yesterday one of the area towns in the collaborative decided to give us the boot. While one would think that is not such a big deal, it kind of is a big deal. The taxes will go up because we still have to pay for infrastructure, etc. Hmmmmm...that has us thinking.

We went to an open house in the city today to have a look at a condo. Oh boy! Decorated nice but the building was run down and it was small. was a 55 and older condo complex. Oh my gosh! I'm there. hahahaha. It was in a nice part of the city, too. Not for us.

I love how they paint and pretty up apartments and sell them as condos. They really are just newly polished apartments. I am not sure I could live like that just yet. Could be an interesting year.

On the quilting front, I had a lovely day on Friday. Went to an open studio and my friend, Marie's house. Very relaxing and therapeutic. The baby quilt is quilted and I've got one side hand stitched. Progress.

Now I'm monitoring a snowstorm due to our guild meeting being on Tuesday. When is spring coming? I know it is on Wednesday but that's just a calendar day!!!

Hope you are all enjoying St. Patty's Day.

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