Monday, April 8, 2013

Well, downsizing is not happening anytime soon....

I have had a whirlwind couple of weeks. It is a wonder I can even stand.

Let's see...we did have the big snow storm. We cancelled our guild meeting on Monday in advance of the storm. It was just too obvious that no one was going to want to be out driving. My husband even worked from home that day.

So....we are not downsizing. My 86 year old mother-in-law is moving in with us. My husband is now in Florida packing up stuff to ship here and get her on a plane on Thursday. These life changes are not necessarily exciting but they are necessary and we are the only ones able to do this. The hubby has a very small family.

So my spare room now has furniture thanks to my mother. Oh it had furniture before but we had to scale down the queen size bed. We got the computer into the bedroom. Also not something we wanted to do but we had to put it somewhere. My mother also had a bureau and a mirror and a nightstand. All of these pieces would be considered antiques. It looks nice. I think my mother is happy some of this stuff left her house. She said she doesn't want it back. Hmmmm....

We purchased a tv for her so she can have private time. We have a small house and it is going to be very interesting with 3 people and a puppy living here.

I also snagged some paperbacks from my mother so that there would be reading material here. I strictly use my Kindle or iPad. Once in a while I'll read a paperback. My MIL does have a Kindle which we bought her and I told my husband to make sure he brought it. I'll train her on how to use it here. She doesn't have a computer so it makes it hard to buy books via Amazon. She also calls it a "Ken dahl". We laugh and call it a Ken doll. Doesn't even remotely resemble Barbie's beau!!!

My MIL is not well and I am learning the ins and outs of medical stuff, etc. Oxygen being delivered on Wednesday! Must call a primary care doctor today to get the ball rolling. Oh yeah....chauffeur will be one of my new jobs, too.

While I was typing this my husband called....oh he is not having too much fun! I feel badly about that. I had discovered texts that he sent me last night but I did not see them until this morning. He said to keep my cell phone handy so he could text his frustrations to me in case he can't call. What is a good wife for? haha I understand he needs to vent so I'll keep the cell phone handy. It usually lives in my purse. I'm one of those dinosaurs who thinks it is for emergencies only!

Not much quilting going on. My creative side is completely crushed at this point. I still have not finished the baby quilt and I am on the binding and pretty near finished. It should be living with the new baby but I just can't get it done. I'm going to try to do some binding today and I am definitely going to "therapy" group tomorrow at the Library. I need to see some people and I need a break from my puppy. There are definitely so many things I haven't been able to get done and I'm upset about that but I can't do much about it right now.

Well, that is my life up to date. Believe me, this is the short version. Oh and yes, I am kind of a mess but I'm going to have to be together by Thursday. Fingers crossed.


  1. Hang in there Debbie. We hope you can make it to a SMQG meeting soon--it's good therapy!

  2. Things will only look up!!! Am I right???

  3. I am also on this path. My father-in-law died on Christmas Eve 2012, and my mother-in-law needs lots of support. Thankfully, they lived in a supportive retirement community and she is still able to live independently. Should she need it, she will move here with us. I feel we are setting an example for our kids. Who knows....maybe I will need this kind of love and support in the future!

    Hang in there, Debbie. You are doing the right thing.