Friday, December 20, 2013

Reflections on 2013

Well, I've just had to dust the blog off! I know I haven't been here in quite some time. I can't change that now!

This was not the year of being prolific in the quilting studio. Although, in late 2012 I had grand plans for my year. At the same time I was dreaming in the creative state we adopted a puppy. Oh oh! Wednesday Bee day came to a screeching halt. For a long time after adopting I had a hard time just getting out of the house with puppy training and attempting to keep my carpets and floor free from pet accidents. What an adventure.

The little darling does not like to be in my studio. I can't understand it but it is what it is, I guess. From time to time I leave him upstairs and I head downstairs. If he hears me bang something (I'm a hazard at times!!!) he starts barking like crazy. It is a bit stressful. Nancy popped over to help me cut some fabric a few weeks ago. She can attest to the barking!

Meanwhile, he's here to stay and I am ever so hopeful that he and I can work out some sort of compromise so that I can be a little more creative. As it stands now the only day I can ever sew is on Sunday when my husband is watching football. Prior to Harley's arrival, I used to watch football too!

Here is a pic from yesterday after his return from the groomer.

He's a Daddy's boy and I'm the caretaker. He loves me - oh right....I feed him! haha

In April my mother-in-law came to live with us. That was quite the adjustment for everyone. As I look back I realize how very difficult it was for her at 86 to come back home and leave her friends from Florida behind. I don't think anything could have been different, though. She was unable to take care of herself any longer and we were worried enough to bring her here despite the major upheaval.

So again, quilting took a back seat. I tried to get things done though. I also had to continue with my Guild since I was the President. I did little things. Mostly blocks of the month. No major accomplishments.

She got sick in July and passed away August 1st. It was a difficult summer and I think we are still recovering from all of it.

In September we faced another blow. My husband's cousin passed away at 62. He had been ill for a long time but we were not expecting it. At that funeral, all the cousins talked about early retirement and trying to enjoy life because it seems to short sometimes.

In October, we received yet another blow. One of our best friends was diagnosed with cancer and there is no cure. We are simply beside ourselves over this latest blow. It has been very difficult to comprehend why someone who has led the healthiest of lives would get this slap in the face.

At this point...I did make a quilt. In a heartbeat with the encouragement from my friends...Nancy and Sue.

I made this quilt in 5 hours the Sunday before Thanksgiving for Susan. Had it quilted the very next day and delivered it to her the following Saturday. I felt good about it and she loved it. She has Scotty dogs and that was why I chose that fabric. It was totally appropriate.

Anywho...her having cancer makes me so very sad a lot of the time. I cannot fathom going to the lake and not having her two doors away to just go over and chat. Right now it is unthinkable.

At this point in the year I think it was the only quilt I have made. Oh, I did make a baby quilt early in the year. That took me three months to make! Believe me, it was baby about a dough butt!!!

We had our guild Christmas party this past Tuesday. Members could participate in a gift exchange by bringing in fabric they liked in a brown paper bag. That was October. I did participate. I picked the bag up belonging to a member who does such beautiful work. I nearly choked. More consulting with Sue at the Quilt Shop and Nancy. It was decided Debbie would make a bag.

Geez Louise, not a sewer!!!! However, I managed to buy the pattern, figure it all out on my own and put it together. I think it came out very nicely. My husband said it was beautiful. Thank goodness!!!! Bottom line, Trudi loved her bag.

It came out nice and I will be making more of these bags!

One thing I haven't talked about was becoming part of a new long term group on Flickr. A bunch of us missed each other from the other long term group that went terribly awry. So we formed a new one with a few differences. It is called Friends with Additions and Nancy is also part of the group. It is a traveling quilt concept and we get to be creative. I just finished the first addition to one quilt and handed it off to Nancy. Can't share because we are only providing sneak peeks to the members on Flickr. They know some of us live in blogland, too!

So this is very exciting and I hope to be able to tap into my creativity. I'm looking to be a bit more productive in 2014. It depresses me to not be able to just go and sew. I hope to finish up my paper pieced feathered star before Christmas. I just need to attach the borders. That was fun. Nancy and I took a class at the Quilt Shop...just because.

Well, those are my reflections on 2013 (or as my brother-in-law and I refer to it..."the year of the suck"). Looking forward to a better 2014 in every area of my life. I must take care of me and do things for me, learn to say no and not overwhelm myself with things. That's my goal...that and quilting more!

If I'm not back here before the holiday....please have yourself a Merry Christmas!

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