Sunday, October 20, 2013

It takes a little cleaning to get some inspiration

On Friday night, Nancy, I, our friend, Sue and other friend, Sue Ann, took a little trip to Massachusetts to see Victoria Findlay Wolfe speak to our Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild and the Boston Modern Quilt Guild. Non guild members also arrived to hear her lecture. Oh my....what fun and she was very inspiring.

Now you know, from my past posts, I can't link worth a darn on this blog. I just don't know how. I think I was successful once. Now I never have time to figure things out. Where was this going? Oh you can google Victoria to get to her blog. You will find it at She also has another blog/website called

She wrote a book called 15 minutes of play and I purchased the book at the lecture. I think pretty much everyone did! Good for Victoria. Of course, my mind goes to my studio and what an ungodly mess it is and has been. So today....I decided to clean.

Now this was a quick clean just to basically tidy up so that I can feel better about going into the studio to create. I took some before pictures. I envisioned that scary music playing in the background as I entered the room.

This is the view of various spots in the room from my iPad

This little wall quilt is supposed to inspire me! But...if you look at the chaos above, I found myself mired in muck. It looks a little blurry but it says: Dream, Cut, Piece, Baste Quilt, Bind, Crinkle and Love. It was designed by my friend, Amy Friend!

So after two hours of moving, shuffling, a little dusting (very little), cleaning my old Bernina...I find that I can go in and feel good about my space.

I still have to vacuum and I did not even venture into the drawers or cupboards of the desk. Those areas a equally scary music scary. In addition, I also have tons of "stuff" in the other part of the basement. There is stuff on shelving, in tote bins, boxes. I do have too much stuff. It is difficult to know what to let go of. I guess that is part of the process. LOL

So....I feel better and I can go and do 15 minutes of play each day. The old Bernina might need to be serviced. Truth be told, I should sell it, but I should get it serviced first.

Hope you all had a fun weekend.

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  1. Now Debbie, just think.....if you get the old Bernina serviced....and it works like a charm....I don't need to bring a machine to your house!! Now, am I being selfish?? Or brilliant??