Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cobwebs growing

Wow!!!! Haven't been here in a long, long while. A lot has happened and there is a lot going on.

I've moved. Officially my house will be sold tomorrow but we have had to move into our lake house. We could use some warmer weather but that doesn't seem like it is coming anytime soon.

My husband is retiring from corporate life in a couple of months. We purchased his mother's home in Florida back in February and all of my belongings are on a truck headed that way. Until September we will be at the lake.

Quilting has taken a back seat. It has been frustrating for me but I do have a sewing machine here with some fabric and a couple of projects to work on over the summer. I've had to drop out of things that I truly enjoyed and I have had a hard time accepting those things being out of my life.

It surely has been crazy busy and super stressful but there is light at the end of the tunnel. In a couple of weeks the pup and I should settle into a routine and have some sort of normal life (this is what I keep telling myself).

I am actually making dinner. We have not had a decent healthy meal in several days and tonight we are going to have one. My husband has a longer commute to work so we'll have to make adjustments for that.

Seriously, I will be glad when he retires. We are looking forward to it. Another new adventure.

All for now.

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