Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Okay, not quilting...

The hub and I did a road trip to Florida. 2 driving days and we arrived. We worked our butts off trying to get the place ready for the movers to arrive with our stuff. We painted the master bedroom and the spare bedroom. The place was dirty and had been empty since April of last year when his Mom came to live with us. Furniture arrived and we again worked really hard to get the bedrooms and the living room set up. We did well.

We came home and I needed to do laundry. Challenge!!! We set this place up as a weekend retreat. Therefore there is no utility room and I must go to the laundromat. It is 15 miles away! Well that was fun. NOT!!!

Cooking...the weather was lovely this last weekend and we did grill but for the most part it has been cool and yucky out. Another challenge! We have no oven. I have a toaster oven which works well enough. However, as I am realizing, I should have taken some glass bakeware with me for casseroles and such. I talked about it and it did not get done. Now they are in Florida. Not helpful. This week so far have been cooktop meals.

I haven't a clue what is for dinner tonight. Might get something to grill. After I drive to the dump!!!

The pup has been confused but he is starting to settle in. He misses his Dad during the day. As a matter of fact he hears the car start in the morning and starts whining. Can I just say that the hub goes to work early...4:45 to 5:00 am!!! Not getting any good sleep these days either!

I am really stumped on doing anything with fabric. I tried on Monday but just did not have the energy to drag everything out. I should get some handwork going. I mean, really, there is no tv here, just satellite radio. It is very quiet out here as well. A bit lonely, actually. I should focus on handwork.

It's funny. My husband makes this decision to retire, puts everything in motion and, voila...we are stuck. Don't get me wrong, it is great. Everything happened a little too fast. So we have a few more weeks until the retirement and it sort of feels like limbo. Perhaps in July things will get easier.

I've been carting the pup with me everywhere. Yesterday I drove to the big city to do some things and stopped into "therapy" to say hi to the gals. Couldn't stay too long because....pup in the car!!! Well, he gets bored here as well so I have been taking him along. He cannot come to the laundromat with me! That will be a new challenge....for him! haha. I really need some time away from him. Just saying!

Rambling away sorry!!!!

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