Monday, June 16, 2014

Still adjusting...

Monday morning, 10 am. No sewing going on here. Honestly, I just cannot motivate myself to haul all the stuff out. So much nicer when you have a dedicated studio. You all know what I mean!

I did bring out the machine one day and decided to work on a curved project. Fish! Oh brother....I was so frustrated with myself at the end of that session. I told Nancy that the moral of this adventure was do these things when you originally start the project. The fish....over a year ago at one of the Seacoast MQG meetings.

I have looked at all my fabrics here on several occasions. Perhaps it was just to connect. I don't really know. It did feel nice at the time.

I did buy Jacquie Gering's new Craftsy class last week. Straight line quilting. I love straight line quilting. I've watched about all of it and I have learned some things. My machine that is here at the lake doesn't have the needle down feature (darn it) and if I was quicker with the heel tapping on my foot control, I could manage. Alas...slow as dirt! hehehe

Well, anyway, I am quite excited about all this walking foot stuff. It is so funny the things we are taught but there is always someone who just thinks outside the box and pushes the envelope. Jacquie is one of those people. Her quilts are so beautiful.

You know the weather here has been so crazy. You get these fabulous warm days and then poof, it is freezing again. That is what I am having the hardest time adjusting to. We sort of had that last week with monsoon rains on Friday. Today is simply gorgeous. It says 80 on my thermostat for outside. Hope that is true. It is nice.

So I have my crazy routines...Monday, the dog is depressed because his Dad goes to work. Tuesday, a do nothing day. Wednesday is the dump, Thursday is the laundromat and Friday is grocery shopping. Can we say boring and how the heck old am I that I have to be this regimented?

Tomorrow I will go to the Quilt Guild meeting. I need to see people. I do get lonely here. No one is around during the week. I read. A lot. I keep downloading books on the Kindle. Most for free. I tell you...greatest invention ever!!! I've probably read about 17 books in the last 3 weeks. I've downloaded 5 more over the weekend.

Well that is my monthly report. 3 weeks to the big retirement for my husband. We are all looking forward to it.
Blue Mondays will be forever banished for the dog after the 4th of July. Life will be good!

Have a lovely productive day. If I read, that is productive, right??????

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