Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A new way of life fast approaching

Nancy commented that I might write every day. HA! I wrote my last post on the morning of the 17th of June. Things were looking great. It was a gorgeous day and I was off to my Guild to see my friends. I got there, eventually. As I approached the destination I was hit by a car that did not see me. Kiss that good day goodbye. It has been two weeks and I guess I am over all the stuff. I would like my car back but that may be another couple of weeks. I did not enjoy the Guild meeting that day even though I arrived. I was in a high speed wobble about everything. There is always the next meeting.

The important thing was that  no one was hurt. I did not have the pup in the car as he had been dropped off for a day of play.  Chalk it all up to life.

I still have not been doing any quilting.  Although, I am thinking about it.  I had a plan to reduce the pile of scraps that I brought here to the lake with me.  They are not going to Florida.  I guess I should think about getting that goal accomplished.

The weather has been very nice these last few days.  Boat rides have been plentiful and there will be another tonight.   The dog loves the boat.

In 2 days my spouse will retire from the corporate world.  We are seriously looking forward to it. They asked him to stay on a couple days a week through the summer but we decided it was not worth it.  I am relieved. He needs the summer to decompress from 40 years of hard work.  My worry is for him to be able to keep busy.  He does not sit still...ever!

So...life will change.  It will be a bit more relaxed and we can do things at our own pace.   We have not set a date to go to Florida for that new adventure but I am sure we will over the next month.

That is about all that is going on here.  We do have baby loons!  We saw one on Mama's back on Saturday and Sunday we saw one floating with the parents.  We usually have two sets of parents in the summer on our lake.   We are hoping they survive the elements of nature over the next few weeks.  We do enjoy watching them grow and seeing the parents teach them.  It is very interesting to watch.

Okay that's it.  I must go work on my geraniums.  They are looking a bit ratty.  Have a great day.

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