Friday, September 12, 2014

Time to head out

Well, the hours are ticking down for the big move.  The 2 day drive starts tomorrow.

It has been quite the summer.  Adjustments all over the place.  Emotions running high, calm, high...vicious.

I will return to the blogosphere in a week or so.  My goal is to be productive.  I have missed quilting and really want to dedicate time everyday to me and my therapy.  Perhaps I need to be more vocal and not let the everyday life stuff consume the life out of me.

Things I will look forward to:  cooking real meals, laundry in my own home, perhaps a little television and learning how to survive humid weather!  It is a simple list but I know it will be great.

to be continued......soon

Be creative!!!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck my friend with the travel. Enjoy the ride and there will be lots of excitement at the other end, that and a lot of home projects. Just remember, sewing everyday is in both of our futures!!