Saturday, February 28, 2015

February is just about over! one thing finished this month.  Actually that's all I did in the crafty department.

I enlarged the block to a 21 inch block.  Simple and I had fun.  Of course, I'm low on large chunks of batting but flush with insulbrite.  So it could double as a giant potholder!

In other news, my kitchen is finally finished and it is actually a nice space with lots of work surface.  I love it.

We also redid our spare bathroom.  We don't use it much and it houses the washer and dryer as well but it was downright ugly and really needed help.  It wasn't an expensive redo but it is done and quite nice.   No pics right now...haven't gotten around to it.

It is busy here in the park and there is always something going on.  We're stretched a little thin at times.  Again...fresh meat - someone is always asking for something.  I forecast burnout soon if we don't start saying no!

All for now.  Maybe next month I can be more creative. 

Hope you are all creative!

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  1. Wow, very impressive to hear that the kitchen and bathroom are all done!! Good for you. You do need to make that green table topper!! Time to breath and say no.....time to sew!!