Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Little lightbulb moments

We had company from New Hampshire last week.  We were very busy with eating out and doing things and we haven't been that active socially for quite some time.  So while it was hectic and a frenzied pace I realized that while we've chosen a completely different lifestyle for ourselves we can still have fun.

One of our fun events was going up to Orlando.  We stayed in a time share for one night (basically we slept there).  The pup stayed overnight at the neighbors.  Stressful for Mom!!!  We went to a restaurant called Rocco's Tacos which is quite the hot spot.   It truly was about the people we were with because the food and drink were a bit mediocre for my tastes.  The place was packed and it was loud and there were some serious tequila drinkers in the room we were in.  Perhaps too much and hopefully they had a shuttle for travel!!!!  However, it was a good time. 

We also went and hung out at Port Canaveral on Saturday.  Seafood!!!  I do love seafood.  The port is a cool place to hang.  Most places have music and outside dining.  We will go again now that football season is almost over.

We also tried restaurants right down the street from us that were fabulous.  I guess in the 4 months we've been here we have been so busy and just haven't bothered to venture in. 

We had a great time with our friends and it was sad to see them go but we will see them this summer.  Our California friends are coming in March for a week and that will be another week long party!  I have time to rest up!!!

I'm going to probably force the issue on having fun but I'm now realizing it can be done and done cheaply.  I am the queen of cheap these days.  It is actually a good challenge.  I started getting the newspaper here today. (bitching about the monthly price plus sales tax, but whatever)  I have continued to read New Hampshire news on a daily basis and yes I pay for it!  However, it is time I learn what the heck goes on around here so I can have little adventures.  

I'm not one to sit idle in a community that I live in.  I always like to be involved.  Sometimes,  I really should just sit on my hands.  A couple of weeks ago I was approached by a Board member to be on the Homeowner's Association Board of Directors.  I agreed to do it.  There seems to be a bit of apathy here and there is always the "it has always been done this way" comment that comes with the drama of change.  Unfortunately, right now we are experiencing some change and there is a lot of drama and emotion.  There is also fear and that is just not a good thing.  So..............

Last night I was elected to the HOA Board of Directors.  Heaven help me but I think it will be a very good thing for me.  Keeps the brain working, I think.  So despite my trepidation, I do believe I can be of some value.  Another light bulb moment - I still might have my brain and it just might be working!!!! 

I have been working on my list of quilting projects for 2015.  Sadly, that is as far as I have gotten, what with the kitchen project and guests.  I do need to make some quick table toppers for the seasons so that might be first up.  I need a Valentine topper.  I have some reds kicking around!!!  I'm also going to make things for the Women's Bazaar in November.  If I get things done over the next few months I won't be stressed in October with wanting to make a contribution.  I will be taking time to get organized over the next week so that I can just sit and do stuff every day.

I'm waiting on a new washing machine that was supposed to be delivered yesterday but now isn't coming until tomorrow.  My husband took our old one out on Sunday afternoon because we believed the new one was coming yesterday.  So....the clothes are piling up but I have extra time on my hands for me!!  The old washer wasn't really broken.  It still worked but we think it got damaged in the move and it was showing signs of problems (like spitting out grease from the bottom and at first I thought it was just dirt) so we decided to be proactive.  Better this way than to have a washer full of water and wet clothes. Trust me, that has happened!!!   I guess I will be playing catch up starting tomorrow! 

Well, I guess that is it from the Sunshine State, where it is currently cloudy with no sun!  I'm feeling much more positive than I have in a while and that is a good thing for me.   There is a scheduled rocket launch tonight and I just love that.  They are so awesome when it is dark out.  Hope the weather clears out later on and I can watch the sky light up and hear the rumble of the rocket.  It really is awesome.

I  hope you are all doing well and being creative in some fashion.

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  1. Nice to see you blogging.....and that you got into the politics of your new place!! I am so surprised.....sewing everyday......just a little something is a very good idea. I hope you warm up and the wind chill calms down.....I'll make sure I check back more frequently!!