Monday, August 16, 2010

Brown Bag Quilt Contest

I read Stash Manicure. A lot. I find it very interesting and I am amazed at how some really do manicure their stash. So....I was reading last week and saw this post about an exchange of two yards of fabric in a brown bag. Something along the lines of ugly fabric. Who has ugly fabric? Not me! I joined this challenge.(easy mark, I think) There are lots of positives. It starts September 1st and ends March 1st (I'll have to check that). There are some easy to follow rules about percentages of fabric that must be used in the quilt and additions from stash and new fabric. You get to keep the completed quilt. How can one go wrong with this one. I don't believe it has to be a bed sized quilt. This seemed to kickstart my creative juices.

I also read Cutie Pinwheel (who started Stash Manicure) and she is having a giveaway for a cute pattern. I liked it so much I had to join in on this as well. (and honestly, link back to the site - I don't know if I've done that...I think so.)

Anyway if this brown bag challenge interests anyone go to Stash Manicure or Cutie Pinwheel and read about it. It might inspire you to join in. (knock, knock..Queen P, are you reading this? hehe)

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