Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I should make sure I have all the information....

While touring blogland the other day I was reading Quilt Dad's blog and he made a Kindle cover. Hmmmm, I said to myself. I went back yesterday and followed his little links and ended up on a Moda blog. Anyway, there was a tutorial on a bookkeeper (Kindle cover). So I hurried and printed on the directions. Showed my wonderful husband and said that I have plenty of fabric and can make this from my stash. No need for a honey bun. Not that there is anything wrong with those things but you know I've got lots of stash to use.

So I pulled fabric and cut all the strips, the batting and the lining. I started to sew it and kept thinking that it just did not look right. Seemed like too many strips. So I stopped for the night. Decided to do a little research on these honey buns and see how wide the strips were. Darn it! I cut 2 1/2 and they should be 1 1/2. Oh well. I can fix that tomorrow. I hate it when I don't get all the info I need. I'm so not perfect. hehehe

The other Queen and I are going to the Mancuso Quilt Show tomorrow. That should be fun. Quilts from all over the world. Some of these things are so darn amazing that it makes my head spin. Sometimes I just wonder where all the creativity comes from, but for sure, these quilters have it.

The Queen and I are having a lovely week. We had quilt guild yesterday. Today we took a road trip to go to another fave quilt shop to buy Cinnamon Sticks. They are from Edyta Sitar's new book - Friendship Triangles. Well, we just had to buy these Cinnamon Sticks and the book, of course. Spoiled girls that we are! hehe Fortunately we restrained ourselves from buying anything else. Okay, I bought a magazine! Tomorrow we go to the Quilt Show. We're thinking it is a pretty darned good week.

Well, all from the Orange World. I did pick mostly orange fabrics for my kindle cover and will use a limey green for the binding. Once I get those strips to the right size I'll be in business.

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