Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tales from the Hive

I think it was another tiny tale kind of day. My back still hurts and I missing going to Curves. I am not going again today. I'm going tomorrow no matter what! I am feeling like a slug.

I did not take any photos yesterday although the camera was in the studio. Queen Peach was working on her Christmas swap project and I was finishing my potholders for the swap. I will meet my goal of getting them in the mail tomorrow. I stitched the binding on one last night and will do the other today. I love it when projects go out in the mail.

I participated in the 3x6 Bee on Flickr for the 3rd quarter. I have received two lovely blocks and mine were shipped at the end of last month. That bee is really fun. I have rethought my availability to participate for the 4th quarter and asked the bee mama to join in. I've got my fingers crossed that I can get in. Nancy got in the other day. She also had a moment of insanity and decided to get in. Just kidding. It really did not take us very long to make six 12 inch blocks. It is a day project, two at most, when you have yourself organized. Organization is the key.

We had our first full guild meeting on Tuesday. I walked in with my tote bag and myself for the first time in two years. Nancy and I stepped back this year. We wanted to sit with our friends and be able to talk to each other. That has not been possible. So we turned our successful raffle programs (fat quarters and Block of the Month) to others. I'm perfectly fine with however these new chairs do the job. Change can be a good thing. I did win 6 fat quarters in - ORANGE. Lucky me.

I was the Librarian last year and it was kind of a pain. We don't have storage so the bins come and go with the Librarian. I'd leave them in the garage and my husband would keep bringing them to the basement. Not helpful. They are heavy. The new Librarian had to step down and there was almost a moment of sheer insanity when I contemplated doing it again. Fortunately, I was rescued by Nancy and the Treasurer. We have a large guild now (86 people, 15 on the waiting list - a little too big) and someone else will have to step up to the plate and take a turn. Guilds do not run themselves but they can run doers into the ground. I did feel badly for the person who took the library home (the President!) but I will sit on my hands and not volunteer.

DH is traveling next week so I will be able to have a mini retreat for myself and Queen Peach, should she choose to come over! The studio is a mess again. I don't know how that happens. I've lost my sticky mailing labels. I don't know where they went. It is a room about 16x16. Apparently, there are black holes everywhere. I might have to speak to the contractor about that. haha. It is my fault. So I'm going to take a little bit of time for organization. Perhaps on Saturday after I drop my guy off at the airport.

All for now. I'm going to move on with my day.

Special shout out for Taylor: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


  1. Hey, I was just wondering what lqs you and the Queen Peach frequent. You aren't all that far from me and I am looking for a good shop. Does yours have modern fabrics?

  2. The Quilt Patch in Bedford, NH, Amy. She's always increasing her fabric lines and has some pretty cool stuff. Our other haunt is Quilted Threads in Henniker, NH. Both shops are online for a look and see. :)