Saturday, September 4, 2010

Much ado about nothing!

Well...that Earl was all bluff and bluster and we did not get very much rain out of him. Here anyway. I guess other places did but our coastline is not very long in NH so the tropical storm watch was cancelled early in the day yesterday. We need the rain. The blades of grass are gasping!

It was so damn hot here this past week. One school district cancelled school due to the heat. I had never heard of a heat day before. Most schools do not have air conditioning. My husband works for a world wide company and they do not have air conditioning in his building. Of course he was cranky all week. I can't blame him.

It is humid here at the lake today. We were both up very early. Very early (4:30 am) sitting under our deck. It rained for 10 minutes. Nice while it lasted. Now it is humid. It is supposed to cool off and be breezy. I'm waiting....

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I cannot believe this unofficial end to summer is here already. Time to switch gears and swap out door wreaths, begonias for mums.

All for now. I'm just rambling anyway...hehehe

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