Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still being selfish

So I've been busily working away and only doing things for myself. That will end today as I must move on to the other bees. I received my potholder partner today and I am having all I can do to contain myself. Thanks, Amy. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

The table topper is done and holding the cookie jar up. I enjoyed making it even if it is not perfect.

I spent yesterday slicing and dicing fabric so I could make a fabric wreath. It is always an experiment when I do something the first time. I thought this was really a pain when I first started but when I finished I decided it was not so bad. Really took only about 3 hours total to make. It probably took me that long to slice fabric. I did not use all the fabric. I think I could have. Hence the prototype. It will serve the studio door well for the Fall season!

sort of brightens up that white space!

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