Thursday, September 30, 2010

What an excellent week and tales from the hive

This has been a pretty good week. It started last Saturday and I must say, I've been pretty productive. I've also kept the quilting economy going. Let's see - I've been to my fave shop 3 times this week. My latest visit was 2 hours ago! Well, she was having a sale - $2.00 for fat quarters. I also took my mom to my other fave quilt shop today. This shop is a little further away but worth the trip.

My husband will return and I will not be as productive over the weekend but I'm planning to make time during the football games on Sunday for quilting. I could watch the games but I'd rather sew.

Yesterday, Nancy and I were working on our projects for a Christmas Flickr bee. She was quilting her table runner and I was piecing my top. My top is the same as the fall topper but in the medium size. I've got to say it really is quick and it was improved over the first one. This one is a gift so I took way more time. But all in all cutting and piecing took about 4 hours.

So here is what we did before a tasty soup for lunch. Nancy made the soup. Yummy.

Nancy's table runner. I love it.

my topper

I finished the topper after Nancy left. We had our plans to go to our other fave shop today but we needed to do cinnamon sticks (half square triangles). I'm not sure where this term came. It has to do with Laundry Basket Quilts and it is a triangle exchange and you have these papers where you can make 28 hst's in about 10 minutes. I bought 5 sticks and did that yesterday afternoon also. (forgot about taking pics) Very fun. Could be addicting. I bought a package of the papers today.

There is a swap with these little hst's. We can keep doing them or stop. I did not buy more. I almost did but I restrained. We will get the same amount back that we passed in only they will all be different. So Nancy and I made 140 each and we will get 140 back. Coooool.

Unfortunately, Nancy was not able to go today. Unforeseen circumstances. Darn shame, too. So it was just me and my mom. Not to worry. We met up at the local shop for the sale. Like we really needed anything. hahaha

I'm not into making bags/purses. Yet. It is coming. I did buy a really (okay, in my opinion) cool pattern to make this little clutch bag. 2 FQ's. Looks easy but the sample was wonderful. So the fats I bought tonight will be for the cute clutch bag. Might make a nice gift for someone this Christmas.

I think that is it for now. I hope to have a preview of a little wall hanging that I'm doing in my next post. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it goes according to plan.

Have a good night.

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  1. How nice to have a quilting friend to sew with who is also involved in a bee! I wish we all lived close together so we could sew together.....Joan