Sunday, December 12, 2010

Catching up

It has been awhile. It is that time of the year, I guess. I did a little holiday decorating. It is okay. It is "holidayish". The Queen and I have been getting together and trying to accomplish all the Flickr projects as well as our own family projects. We did take a tiny road trip last week. I tried not to buy anything for me. I was not successful! :)

We both managed to get our 3x6 blocks out in the mail last week. Phew - beat the deadline again. I picked a block with lots of pieces. Hmmmmm....I like them but there were a lot of pieces.

Here are mine:

I'm sure I had a picture of Nancy's but I don't know where it went.

I did receive a couple of very cute postcards in the mail. I'm still waiting on one to arrive. Hey! Good things take time. I'm pretty patient. It will arrive and it will be good!

Let's see...2 Secret Santa packages to be done. Santa picked one up on Friday and the other is going out tomorrow or Tuesday.

Yesterday I started to work on a Round Robin block. I got a little frustrated and stepped away. I don't know why the easiest things are so hard for me sometimes. Crazy....

I'm in really good shape with the holiday shopping. Really good shape, actually. I started working on my Christmas cards today but I don't have enough so I might have to brave the nasty rain and go get some. There will be lots of wrapping to do this week. My hope is that I can focus on cooking the week before Christmas and maybe finish up quilting projects that are still in my head at this point!

Christmas has become mucho commercial and I long for the simple things. I love homemade but a lot of people do not. So it is a little balancing act for making things for people.

I was unable to attend my guild meeting last month so I don't know what the deal is with the Yankee Swap for our holiday party on the 21st! We have not received our newsletter yet. I was hoping to make something as a gift. I guess there is still time if the newsletter arrives in a day or two. I had not missed one guild meeting since joining the group in 2006. I really do hate to miss a meeting.

My studio is not quite the mess it has been but it still is disorganized. I think between Christmas and New Year's Day I will focus on tidying up for 2011. I need to remember to not commit to more than I can chew next year. I would like to finish some of the projects I've had started over the last 10 years. I should commit to one per month. Or at least one per quarter. That might be more doable.

I am a Flickr fanatic. I do believe it has created the challenge I was looking for in my creative life. I had spent some time looking to stretch me but it took a while. The potholder pass got me going. Thanks to Amy (During Quiet Time) I have become a creative nut this year. I have found a lot of joy in the various groups that I belong to. I do like the 3x6 group on Flickr. One group has come to an end. Sad to happen, but, it is a good thing. Frees up a little time. I'm waiting for the next potholder pass. January, I think. I have purposely avoided looking at Quilting Bee Blocks for the list of new groups. I have a tendency to say yes and then make myself nuts! In 2011 I will look again. I'm very content right now but the pull will return. I'm quite sure of that.

Hubby ordered a new bathroom vanity yesterday for our spare bathroom. I never liked it when we bought the house but I knew my handy man would make it ours at some point. The point has arrived. Two weeks before Christmas... WHAT??????? He assures me it will be put together before Christmas. I have every confidence in him but this involves moving plumbing - which he is doing right this very minute. He also uses this bathroom as his and I'm wondering if he's moving back into mine while this project is occurring. Hmmmmmm....I'll have to check that out with him. It is not that I don't want him to use it but he moved into his own bathroom for whatever reason he had and I'm kind of used to having the space all for me. Selfish! Oh well. I'm flexible - sometimes!

Well enough rambling. I really do not want to go out in the crappy weather. I might wait until tomorrow. Less of a crowd during a weekday.

Until the next time.....Fa la la la la


  1. Ahhhhh....I found it! Your comment button is hidden in the green background. teehee.... Just wanted you to know....I read your blog, too....but I am not good at commenting much!! Hugs and Love!

  2. Thanks. I figured it was here somewhere. hehehe