Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just a couple of other things....

I did receive my 3rd postcard in the mail on Monday. As predicted: It was good! It actually came hand cancelled and I must say it held up well. Bravo to the Post Office.

Have you seen this book?

It is fabulous and I received it from my good friend, Queen Peach. I had seen some posts in blogland about this book so I was quite shocked when Nancy held it in front of me! It is definitely worth adding to your library and I think we may be looking at making a couple of the projects in the book. Lots of potential for creativity.

Thanks, Nancy. I love it.

My gosh, Christmas is coming up fast. I still have two table runners to make. I'm going simple and they will get done. There are some other things I want to make and if I have the time, I will do it. I've still got all this wrapping to do.

Christmas cards are done and in the mail. That didn't take me very long. I've stopped agonizing over who's getting what card. I limited my choices so my agonizing was much shorter! :)

Secret Santa packages are gone. I forgot to take a picture of my mug rug. Not that I could post it yet but hopefully the recipient will take one. I wonder if Nancy took one. I'll have to check.

Guild newsletter arrived yesterday. Yes, Virginia, I have enough time to do handmade! Woohoo... No shopping stress.

Judy L. (Patchwork Times) put up a timely challenge for finishing UFO's next year. I think I will participate. I will have to pick the projects I want to do. Nancy might remember this one: Poodles Noel. It is going on the list. Cute little wall hanging. It is holiday and the fabric is pink, gray and black. We loved it back in 2008. I think it is time to do it.

Anywho....I've got to find time to get the UFO's organized and numbered.

This is currently on the design wall. It was my Saturday angst. I don't like my choices so much. It is a round robin block so I must work on that also.

Well...7 am. I guess I need to start moving on with the day. Our twice monthly applique group meets today. We refer to it as "Therapy". It is therapy and it will be the last one before Christmas. One of our gals goes to Virginia for the winter. So we will only have a little more time with her until perhaps late March or early April. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

Someone in our Round Robin group got married, apparently....waiting for the details.

All for now....Deck the halls with boughs of holly...


  1. Well, well, well! Thanks to my friend, Vickie, the comment section has been found! It is hiding!

  2. Good luck on the UFO challenge!

    We need to get some info about Sara's romance!
    We need a virtual bridal shower, don't you agree?

  3. Absolutely....we need to do something!