Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guild Day today

Today was Quilt Guild day. 3rd Tuesday of the month. I had not been since December as our January meeting was snowed out and I was in Hawaii last month.

We had Gerald Roy as our speaker. Perhaps you've heard of him. He writes a column in the Fons and Porter magazine in each issue. Heck, he's famous for so much more and he lives here in New Hampshire. Lucky us!!! I had met him before when our guild hosted a Quilt Documentation Day and found him to be very nice.

I am still processing all that he said to us and I will come back at a later time with pearls of wisdom that he passed on. Well, pearls for me. Can't speak for others. He spoke for 2 hours and had tons of antique quilt tops to show. I throughly enjoyed it. Guess what? He loves orange. Described it as a fetish! hahaha My kind of guy! :)

When asked what he thought was missing in the quilts being made today he said there is not enough experimenting. We do not play. Now that is not true of everyone but I will say that I don't get enough time for it. I am forever hearing people give us permission to play. I should take the advice perhaps.

In the play department Nancy and I are taking an intro Zentangle class in April. It is a day class on our usual bee day so we can do this very easily. I am looking forward to it.

A favor to ask my friends. If you are on Facebook, our guild has launched a page so that we can promote our May 2012 Quilt Show. If you have a chance to go there could you click the like button? It is pretty brand new but it will be better with pictures and stuff over the coming year. Search Bedford Friendship Quilt Guild on Facebook. Thanks.

All for now. I'm going off to ponder my day.

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