Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tales from the Hive

I've missed a few days. Posts swirling in my head have not made it out until now!

On Friday, Nancy and I did take a road trip to the quilt shop where our good friend, Popcorn 1960 aka Micci, "helps out". We were picking up the tool for my husband's weekend project. I had the camera with me and we were supposed to take pictures. I forgot. I was overcome by pretty fabric. Yes, I bought several yards. Like 8. I gave 2 to Nancy as they were sunflowers and I missed her birthday. Not on purpose. Oversight. I also bought 4 yards of a line of Christmas fabric that I had not seen before. Nancy also bought from that line. haha More than me!!

Then we had a nice lunch and came home. A pleasant sunny day. Fabric involved. It was great.

My creativity took a strange twist over the weekend. Instead of quilting I was in charge of making rows for the new wood floor. I did not complain as I'm the one who wanted wood as opposed to the blue carpet that I've disliked since we bought our house.

Here we have the last piece has been put in. (Knees and back took a hit this weekend....oh the pain of it all!)

Here are some shots of the floor. It is a match to the dining room. The crazy strip of wood was the builders' idea, I guess. It separated the dining room from the living room rug. We decided to leave it because it would have involved taking out previously laid wood. Nope, not doing that!!!!

I love it very much and I'm quite happy. I wonder when we are going to put the furniture back. It echoes when we are having our dinner. hehe

I missed our "therapy" yesterday as I had a couple of appointments. Too bad. I made the future appointments appropriately on a Thursday so I don't miss out on our Tuesday group.

Nancy and I got together today. UFO #10 was on the menu. For Nancy that was her Christmas placemats. Her tops are done. Keep in mind that only half of this project was #10. The other half should be some other month. Hey! If she gets them done now it will be fabulous and she'll be ready for Christmas.

Here's a pic of her placemats. 25 I think. She managed to sandwich most of them today. I did not get a pic of that.

She also worked on the mystery quilt clues/blocks for our Guild. Literally!

I am passing on this one as it would be too overwhelming right now to think about doing. This pic is of her imagined potential layout. She's up to date on this one so that is a good thing since there won't be another clue until April.

I had wicked fun today. I'm also working on my #10. It involves paintsticks. I had washed my fabric over the weekend but as I mentioned, I was tagged for another project.

I ironed my fabric and cut it into the 12 inch squares required - one from each color. I had made my stencil yesterday and cut it out before Nancy got here today.

Ready!!!! First block done prior to the stencil being removed.

I managed to get all five blocks done with the one freezer paper stencil. Now these blocks will cure for a couple of days and then get heat set. Then cut into four - pick 18 of the 20 and arrange. Here they are all done and I believe we have picked out the two that will not go into the quilt - too light on the paint.

It was great fun to do that and I can't wait to get this top together. Perhaps as early as Monday or Tuesday it will be ready. For be continued. hehe

Well, off to make dinner. I was very happy to get back to the craft today. I have been feeling the need to get into the studio and create!

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  1. We definitely have to work on covering that column with a quilt!!!!