Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A tiny tale...

UFO #10 as of 10 minutes ago. I am so glad Nancy was able to be here to help me through the crisis of the inner 4 squares and surrounding border. The pattern called for it to be piping. That's all well and good but the longarmer won't be able to quilt it. So we adjusted. And adjusted. What a pain!!! We did manage to get through it. She pinned and I sewed!

Nancy had to leave early today. I had to register my car but I thought I can get the first border on. Well I was doing it by the seat of my pants (pinless)and it was a little off. Fortunately I noticed this immediately - only about 2 inches sewn. Then I proceeded to stab myself in the thigh with my snippers because I needed to cut the quilt from the machine thread. The thread cutter doesn't work. Lovely! Hurts, too.

Lesson here - do what you were going to do first so you wouldn't have been rushing. Riggghhhhtttt....I should have gone to Town Hall and then come home.

So I did that next and then I decided to get the first two borders on. Done for today.

My leg hurts...


  1. Ouchie Mama! I can relate. Sewed through my finger once with the machine. Hello!!!
    xx, shell

  2. My, but you are productive!! And it is so pretty!!! :) Sorry your leg hurts!! Hope there was no blood!!

  3. So, this is what happens when I leave you alone to sew on a Wednesday. What will happen next week when I won't get there until later than normal????