Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring????? Maybe...

Today is the first full day of spring and we have snow in the forecast. Apparently heavy wet stuff, too. Oh joy!!!! It is not snowing yet so I managed to get to the gym and get that out of the way.

It was a fairly quiet weekend. We had dinner with friends on Friday night which was very nice. We had not seen them since we closed up the lake house for the winter. It was 65 degrees on Friday and it was just delightful.

On Saturday I had to go fabric shopping....oh noooooooo. Oh yes, and it was successful fabric shopping. I got backing for two quilt tops that are going to my Longarmer. (of course, that was my plan for today but not now) I also was invited to join a group on Flickr and I accepted so I needed some things that I did not have, namely a bunch of Kona solids.

I decided to join the Flickr Group, Tokyo Subway Map. I have not told Nancy but she might have noticed and figures I've gone off the deep end. The quilt is based on the Tokyo Subway Map quilt by Elizabeth Hartman over at Oh Fransson! The goal is to get 25 members and each member will be assigned a block and make it 25 times. There are 1600 pieces (2 inch cut squares)in this quilt so someone had the bright idea that this would be a way to get the quilt done quickly. I thought and thought about it and decided it would be a challenge I could do. Of course, hyperventilating followed but I'm much calmer now! It is a very striking quilt. I have Block 6 which has orange, thank you very much.

I traced my heart blocks for embroidery and I'm ready to go with that project. Good evening project.

I have been asked and asked when the table runner will be done. So, doing nothing yesterday but reading my Kindle, I decided to go down to the studio and get it prepped for quilting. So then I had to quilt it, too. It will be done today. I just have a teensy bit more to do and that will be done today. I will attach the binding and have it ready for another evening project this week. Hopefully it will be on the table by Friday.

Have a fabulous day!

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