Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tales from the Hive

Well, we had soup that I made this morning. Nancy was not able to get here until late so she and I had lunch. Soup with a nice dense multigrain bread. And butta! hehe

Meanwhile, while waiting to hear from the Queen, I decided to finish the binding on Table Art, the funky table runner. Done....yeah!!!!! In it's new home. I must make a label because I've renamed this piece in honor of my husband.

This piece is now known as "That's What I'm Talking About" . This is exactly what he said when I brought the top up to show him.

I have a Bee in My Bonnet project that I must finish. Gnomes and Mushrooms and my head is a mushroom on this. I'm driving myself crazy trying to be creative. Sometimes, these projects can strike fear in the heart. We never want to disappoint our hive mates with some piece of crap. So I'm having just a teensy panic attack on this project. I'm sure I will be able to pull a rabbit out of my hat.

So...that's why I finished the table runner and tonight I am going to finish the book I've been reading on my Kindle. I read fast but this thing has gone on too long and I'm anxious to be done. I will need a light, very light book for my next read.

Next topic...

Our guild has finally set the date for our second ever quilt show. May 5, 2012. Our first ever was April of 2009. It has been talked about for some time (like over a year) but now we have a date, a venue and committee chairs. Major league progress. I'm in charge of Vendors. I'll be getting to work on that very soon. I need to visit the venue and see what I have for space and figure out how many we can accommodate. All very exciting. I was in charge of Vendors at the last quilt show and it was just fine.

We had a very beautiful raffle quilt for our first ever show and the future raffle quilt to be awarded at the second ever show is in progress. It has been a while for this baby, too, but we are moving full steam ahead. It is going to be beyootiful.

Nancy and I have been on the committee for this quilt since it formed. It is going to be a 30's quilt. Dresden plates. We have some very talented people in our guild. I'm going to shout out Marie Seroskie (scallop rulers...go ahead google her!). She joined our guild immediately after our first ever show. We impressed her!!! We are so thrilled to have her in the guild. She's wonderful and funny.

Oh, I digress. So anywho.....the plates had been finished for some time. I think, because I was in Hawaii, that the plates and background squares were handed out in February to be appliqued onto the square. I know Nancy did some (I am terribly frightened of hand applique and its another of those fear striking issues), her sister and also, my mom.

When we put the kits together for plates (way back in early 2010) Nancy and I had a hand in putting the 20 spokes into the bags. hehehehehe We made sure that every plate had an orange spoke hehehehehe.

Whoever is reading this is thinking, "Debbie, get on with it!!" Yep, yep....Next part of this project is to get the embroidery done on the centers. We decided to use an antique design that belongs to a collection of another member.

So I have a sneak peek at this project. I've got to get some embroidery done. Very relaxing, I tell ya!

Shhhh....don't let anyone know I showed you. Kidding...I don't think its a state secret.

The border was designed yesterday which will consist of a vine with large flowers, leaves, and some circles. Little circles. It is going to be spectacular. Really!!! Loop around here. Marie was at the meeting and she was very helpful on the design of the border. She was also doing some bias binding tube for the quilt. She apparently has a You Tube video on it. I'll have to go find it.

So...that's about it. I'm on my own this week so there's no pressure for dinner or anything. Nancy and I might get together tomorrow. Since we were thwarted today. hehehe There is snow in the forecast tonight. Honestly! Did I not see spring on the calendar for March 20th?

All for now....have a great night.

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  1. Great table runner! Love the dresden's too! Sounds like it's going to be a beautiful quilt!
    xx, shell