Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tales from the Hive - take 2

A better day today.....much more productive. Well, Nancy was anyway. Me...sort of.

The weather was fair enough today that I figured I could get my quilt tops to my Longarm Wonderwoman. I had purchased the same fabric for backing 2 quilts tops. Well, it went with the first one perfectly and it could have gone with the second one (my sunflower quilt) but I just didn't like it. So....back to the quilt shop for consultation and purchase. Success!!!!

These two tops and their backings were dropped off at Wonderwoman's house at 4:10 pm. She'll call me tomorrow and they'll be done! That's what I mean about the wonderwoman part!!!!

Nancy was working on her UFO Challenge for the month. She has the bindings on the 12 placemats. The challenge for this month was to get 12 done. She has another month with the other 12. She already has the other 12 put together and quilted. She's way ahead of the game.

Hmmm....Nancy, is that 11 or 12 in the picture? What do I know? :)

While I was washing the batik backing and waiting for it to dry I started to get to work on Jen's project for Bee in My Bonnet. I think it will all come out very nicely. If Jen sees this she'll know I'm working on it!

Grey's Anatomy is on tonight. I'm really not sure if I'm anticipating it or not. The musical? Geez, the stuff they put on tv to attract an audience. hehehe

Finished my book this morning as I was falling asleep last night. I was reading Freedom: A Novel by Jonathon Franzen. I think I'm still digesting it. It was depressing, sort of. There were times when I laughed out loud. I felt like it could be about any of my contemporaries and their family or even about my life. I guess that's not much of an earth shattering review. I have a very eclectic taste in books, film and television and some would think I'm all over the map. I didn't pick the book because it was an Oprah Book Club book because I just don't do that. I guess if someone is intrigued by it then they should read it. I was intrigued. I read it.

Oh well....I'm rambling. That's all for today. Semi productive for me and productive for Nancy. The good thing about these two tops being quilted is that if I can get the bindings attached and stitched down by March 31st I will have the first 3 projects on my UFO Challenge List done! Yay me!!!!!

Off to Flickr to see what's going on over there....

One more thing...thanks, Shell...for stopping in and commenting. Did you notice my bunnies? :)

Have a good night, everyone.

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