Sunday, June 19, 2011

Garden Tour Sunday

I'm jumping in today. We came back early from the lake and it is a sunny day so I ran around and took a couple photos of my gardens. Get them while they look good. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Here is my clematis. It's burgundy colored and I absolutely adore it. It has not been able to climb as much this year due the rain. Kind of a bummer but it is still gorgeous.

Here's my tiny front area. I need a hydrangea and will get one this summer sometime. There were two hydrangeas that never bloomed in the space but we moved them last summer. Great foliage but seriously, I want those beautiful hydrangea flowers!

This area is up toward the road and I refer to it as my specimen garden. When we bought the house in 2005 it was the same shape but filled with junk. We've worked on it for the last four summers. DH gets a little upset when I buy something new because he has to dig the holes!!! Well, really....I want it to look pretty. I threw in some dianthus for a little more color this year. It needs more but I'll wait till the end of the season for some bargains.

This is my "shade garden". is the desert now. I worked really hard on this as it was a totally shady area. Lots of hostas, the foliage only hydrangeas, korean wax bells. We had a ton of trees taken down over the winter and voila, it is the desert. I'm keeping my eye on it this summer. It is holding it's own so far with the sun. We shall see how it fares.

Here are a couple of new shots of Nancy's gardens. The trellis in the back is just beautiful.

She's continuing to get assistance from her landscape gal or as she refers to it - she's been "Crystallized" She added a bunch of columbines and lupines. There really isn't anything like planting a perennial. I love it. They keep coming back each year and they are better and better.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. My sister is having a BBQ so I will pop in and see my Dad over there this afternoon. I hope you all enjoy your day.


  1. Oh, I love clematis and I have never had luck with them. Do you have a trick? I haven't planted any here yet but lost two in my old yard. The roses on the trellis are to die for.

  2. The clematis and the roses are gorgeous! Nice job! Thanks for sharing.