Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wouldn't you like to be a teacher?

The school year is winding down. Just a couple of days left. My son is 31 so this doesn't mean so much to me as it does to Nancy. She has two young teenagers! It keeps her young. hehehe She'll kill me!!!!

Anyway I am always envious of the kids' teachers. Because....this is what they get for being good teachers to Nancy's kids all year.

What a colorful bag!!!

This also is a wicked cool bag. I just love the fabrics.

I know there is one more bag she is doing and I may have the pics later and if so I will add to this post. 8:26 am here it is:

(should have checked the e-mail first!!!) Fab fabric, hmmmm? I love it...

Seriously, don't you wish you were a teacher? I know I am jealous of those teachers!!!

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  1. uh... yeah!!!! I wish I was one of her kids' teacher. Really nice!!!