Thursday, September 29, 2011

So while I'm waiting for hot water...

So Patrick and Eric are here and hopefully before the end of the afternoon I will have hot water. Oh happy day!!!! I'm sort of a fanatic about hot water as I am sure most of you are. Washing up with chilly water is not too fun. I can tough it out for a day or so but any longer would be just sheer hell. hehe

This morning, while I was waiting their arrival I figured I might as well be productive and got to work on the art quilt. I'm pleased to say that it is now ready to be quilted. I satin stitched around all the leaves and stems very, very slowly. Thank goodness it is not a huge piece.

Nancy stopped in this morning as well. That visit was not totally successful but we had a nice chat. I'm just waiting. I'm not supposed to turn on any faucets while they are working so I've got to stay away from sinks! Apparently there would be backflow of water onto them so I really have to make that my number one priority. NO SINKS! I can do this.

It is raining like nobody's business today. Just one of those general yucky kind of days.

I'm off to entertain myself with something else now! Hope you are having fun.


  1. Very pretty! And a good thing to do to keep your mind off the "no sinks" policy while the plumbers are doing their thing. I hope your hot water is fixed...I'm with you - one lukewarm shower a year is plenty!

  2. Beautiful finish. Cool water is only for when you are!

  3. Beautiful leaves! And just in time for fall... Congrats!