Thursday, January 19, 2012

Block of the Month - check

I did the block of the month today. I'm happy that it is done. I have not done one so far in advance of the meeting (Feb. 15) since I was running the Block of the Month program. hehe Obviously, I got a little lazy doing these little gems. I'm trying to do better.

Of course, the fabric is from my stash. I'm weak in the pink department because I'm not really a pink kind of gal. Orange. Yes, that's me! I found the lighter pink printed fabric in my fat quarter bag. It was not a fat quarter and I really don't know how I came to have it in my stash. I thought it was a lovely piece of fabric and Nancy agreed. I think that with there will be some very beautiful blocks turned in as people have different fabrics in their stash. I can't wait to see them all.

Speaking of Nancy...I was headed into the grocery store this morning and there she was heading out. So we chatted a bit and I said I was doing groceries and then heading for the LQS. She decided to go home, unpack her groceries and do whatever and said she'd meet me there.

That worked. I was already shopping and browsing when she came in. Our pal, Sue, the LQS owner, had sent out a 25% off one item (book, pattern or notion) before 1/31/12. Woohoo! Naturally I misplaced that e-mail but Nancy printed one up for me. I also had my $50.00 gift certificate with me. Double Woohoo!!!

So, I bought a yard of fabric for the backing to my little Valentine's top, I bought some thread, stipple paper (because I have such a hard time quilting smoothly) and three 1/2 yard pieces of brown batiks. I'm wanting to do something nice for my brother-in-law. I'm going to make him an arty table topper. Well, I hope it will turn out arty. Almost used up the whole gift certificate. Cool.

Nancy bought this ruler she was eyeballing. It is the Nine Degree Ruler and there was a post earlier in week about it over at Stash Manicure. She was very happy to get the ruler and at 25% off!!! She bought a little fabric, a magazine and I honestly can't recall what else! She was also toting a gift certificate.

Ahhh...a fun day.

So, as I said, I made the BOM. I cut the backing and batting for the little quilt top and that is ready for spray basting. I went though my two bins of batiks looking for more possibilities for the BIL topper. When one does that you have to rearrange and refold the bins. Presently, they are both neat and tidy!! Of course, we can't go without a glitch. I need my ribbon with the utensils on it and I cannot find it. I have to be a little more focused for finding so I'll do that tomorrow.

It is supposed to snow tonight. Sheesh. That will be twice this week that I'm on shovel duty. I hate that.

Have a good one.

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