Thursday, January 19, 2012


So...there is so much eye candy over there on Pinterest. I've been several times but I did not understand how one got in. Tonight I requested an invite. Now I'm on a waiting list. Seems kind of odd to me and I hope I can get in soon.

There is so much to see on Pinterest. A tiny bit overwhelming. Have you been there yet? Are you in and do you like/love it? Inquiring minds and all that.


  1. I agree that the invite thing is odd. It also took awhile. I am in now but have only pinned a couple of things. I am using it mostly to hand on to tutorials that I don't want to lose.

  2. I'm totally hooked! So many idea's, tutorials, and since I have the Iphone app I can pin on the go seeing as I rarely seem to find time to get on my computer. I thought it was over rated but then who wants to be left behind?? :) Sigh... I think once you get going you'll love it.