Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January thaw

I think we had the January thaw today. It was 50 degrees. That after freezing rain last night. It really has been some kind of wacky winter here. Could be worse, I suppose...we could live in that Alaska town that has had over 300 inches of snow. {{{shiver}}}.

This morning I went down to the studio and spray basted my little table topper. I caved on quilting and broke down and bought those stipple papers again. I'm so herky jerky but I'm hoping to get smoother with free motion as the year progresses. Did I sit down and take a stitch on the machine. Nope....

Tomorrow I want to make the valance for my husband. I am not a curtain or drape person here at home. At the lake I have lace panels because they scream cottage and I'm all about cottage there. Here at the house it is a little more contemporary. I don't dislike curtains at all. I'll get that out there right now.

For Christmas he bought me this one yard piece of batik - it is stunning - orange, but of course. As he'll tell you he was the one who liked orange in the first place. I will admit that - while we were dating some 37 years ago!!! hehe We both love it so it is a win/win here.

I do want to get it made this week as we are on this prolonged painting project in the living/dining. We extended the paint color from the kitchen (Benjamin Moore Dill Pickle) into the living room but I think it needs more so that means another wall to be done. I am holding out for the accent wall and I have convinced him. I have to go to Home Depot for that particular paint (Glidden, I think) because it was a custom made paint a couple of years ago (or more). So I think we'll finish up the painting and I think adding the valance will be frosting, so to speak.

We had "therapy" today and we were all quietly stitching away on some project or another. Light conversation sprinkled in but we were all pretty much focused on the needle and fabric. It was very pleasant.

My latest Quilting Arts came yesterday. I'm still savoring it. I've flipped through it about 25 times now. Lots of things for me to try. I love trying things. DeColourant Paste - I think I am hot for that right now. I'll be investigating that soon. I've done bleach and have a ton of soda ash or whatever it is for the stop process but I never took it to another level. This being the year of me - I think I'm ready.

Nancy and the Z-man will be over tomorrow. Woohoo! Bee day!!! I'm sure we'll be busy, busy.

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