Monday, January 23, 2012

We're off to the Superbowl

Hubby and I watched the games yesterday. Of course, the most important one was the first one - Pats v. Ravens. A nail biter. Hubby was so nervous toward the end of the game. We seriously thought we were going into overtime. I saw the missed field goal attempt right away but it took a second or two for him to respond. Shouts, screams, text messages and phone calls followed. I love a good football Sunday.

Now I have the pressure of what to eat two weeks from now. Also we will have to make the obligatory championship baseball hat and shirt purchase. The hard part for us is being able to stay up and watch the whole game without falling asleep. We're going to have to take a nap that day!!!

Today I am tidying up the studio. I can't function properly and I just have too much stuff. So I'm trying to organize and get things off the floor. I've already carved out a better space for Zeus to lay when he comes to visit. I still have to get a few things off the floor and vacuum. Then I can quilt my table topper.

So...have a good day. I've got to get back to it. It is a huge task.

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