Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tales from the Hive 2012

Wow! I cannot remember the last time we had tales from the hive. November and December were a blur. However, we are back into the swing of things and Nancy and I are both trying to be creative every day. We just feel so much better.

Zeus did not wish to quilt today. He was exhausted. From what????? This is pretty much the sum total of his visit to the hive today.

Honestly! I could not stop laughing half the time because he was snoring so loudly. He sure is a sweetie when he's awake, though. I also think it is pretty funny that he knows where I keep the Milkbones in my house!!!

One of the first things I did this morning was vacuum. My goodness there were threads everywhere. It looks so much better when it is cleaned. I even vacuumed Nancy's chair. It had a few threads, also.

I worked on my little snowman cutie. I sandwiched and quilted him. That's done but there are still a few threads to bury. I really hate that. He is still blind also but sometime tomorrow he will be given his button eyeballs! The quilting is a learning process for me. Hopefully by the time I get to the 12th little quilt (which should be November) I will be much better at it.

We have a swap going on in our Guild. We did manage to get a few folks to jump in to make 3 sheets of laundry basket half square triangles papers. Nancy worked on hers and before we came up for air, er, lunch, she and I picked my 6 holiday fabrics to use. I'm glad people agreed to do this because we will now have a better chance of having 81 different fabrics in our little wall hangings. Variety is good!

Nancy's three sets all done and bagged!

She also worked on the mystery quilt. Let's see she is on Clue 6 which is the last clue. I'm up to Clue 2. hehe I've got to get that done sometime in the next few months.

This quilt is for Nancy's daughter. It is going to be a stunning. Here's a partial look on the design wall.

Isn't this going to be amazing? It was to be Em's Christmas gift but as you know there were some setbacks in the process. Em really loves it and she's anxious for it to be completed.

So we were pretty busy yesterday doing our things and it was a darn good day!

Hope you all had a productive day.

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