Friday, January 6, 2012

Yesterday's fun

The little snowman cutie is still residing next to the sewing machine. We had a little diversion yesterday. Nancy needed to go and pick up items she ordered from a quilt shop in Concord, MA. Okay...road trip!!! Count me in.

You know I don't do that very often(leave the state, that is)and I will confess that it sure felt good.

So after I got my oil changed in my car I headed over to Nancy's. We left Zeus at home. I'm quite sure he would have preferred to come with us but....we had to leave him.

Off we went to Quilters Way in Concord, MA. What a cute little town and a very nice shop. I did not quite understand what Nancy had bought but then she explained it. They have something called the 12 days of Christmas and each day you get an e-mail with special sale deals. Essentially you build your own Christmas Stocking. I actually thought she was getting a Christmas Stocking kit. hehehe So she had all kinds of cool notions, etc and I got one. I'll review it later and we'll add Nancy's review, too. It some tool to help you make the perfect scant 1/4 inch along with vinyl reusable tape to put on your machine to keep you accurate. I'm very happy to get something like this and hope it works. I can go askew when I'm sewing sometimes. Okay...lots of times. No matter how hard I try.

She also got this item called the Big Board. You put over your ironing board and gain all kinds of ironing space. Hmmm...Stash Manicure had a post on Monday or Tuesday about making something like this with wood, etc. I was going to show my husband this project and consider having him make me one. He told me he did not know what he was going to do after the Super Bowl. Far be it from me to have him bored. hehe

I did not buy anything at the shop although it is now bookmarked in my faves. They had nice fabric, too!

So as we were heading back to NH Nancy mentioned The Quilted Crow. They are in Boxboro, MA and we would be very near the shop. Okay...twist my arm. I have visited the shop at quilt shows quite often as they have neat wool projects and stuff. Another nice store. Lots of things to see and touch.

I purchased two Moda charm packs. There's a reason for this and I'll talk about that. They had a lot of the charm packs to choose. It was difficult but I settled on two of them. Nancy got one or two also as well as fabric for a quilt backing and a magazine, an apron pattern (kicking myself for not buying that one). She was big shopper. hehehe Gifts for herself - her birthday is coming. Next month. haha I like how she thinks.

On Tuesday I saw a recipe on the Moda Bake shop for a little table topper using a charm pack. It was very, very cool and looked super easy to do. So I printed it off and showed Nancy on Wednesday. She found another one that used a charm pack and some rick rack and that also looked super easy to do. So we each bought a charm pack that had a red/white theme and we're going to make table toppers. I think I am going to make the rick rack one for a February/Valentine's Day table decoration. Nancy may make the other one. We'll have to wait and see what she decides to do.

This might be the "year of me". I want to make things for me, my house, my lake house, my husband wants a quilt. Why not? Wouldn't you agree?

It was a good day yesterday.

Today I must go grocery shopping. I have to plan appropriate food for the football weekend. Our beloved Patriots have a bye week but we need to pay attention to who they will playing next weekend. Lots to think about food wise. What to eat in front of the tv. How sad is that? It is fun, though. hehe

I'm going to try and finish the snowman today. He's getting eyes before binding.

Have a good day, everyone.

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