Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tales from the Hive

Well, we have managed twice so far this month. Not too shabby for Nancy and I. We have been super busy this month trying to do something every day. I think it is working.

Nancy was getting Em's quilt together because Em really wants to get the quilt on her bed because she got new flannel sheets for Christmas and this quilt will really be the frosting on the cake.

Here we have part of it on the design wall and Nancy sewing away.

While she was doing that I decided to make my block of the month for Guild on Tuesday. Amish Diamonds from Quilter's Cache done in black and jewel tones.

Easy block but I had to put Mark Friend's wonderful seam ripper to good use yesterday. I had matching seam issues. Three times and it was driving me crazy. It is done...I can breathe easier.

Then I decided I was going to make a little table topper for February. Just for me! Yippee - something for me. It is supposed to be scrappy because I'm making it from a charm pack but that can be difficult at times. hehehe

I'm going to go with this layout and sew it up today. I will add ric rac and the scrappy borders as well.

We took a break for a lovely lunch - stuffed shells and I had made a while ago in little orange casserole dishes. I was up and down the stairs a couple times keeping my eye on the lunch. We also had lovely stale bread that I tried to refresh as garlic bread. Nancy said light and airy. I said cardboard. hehe Not to worry...I made snickerdoodle and chocolate chunk cookies for dessert.

Of course we had to wake this one up to come upstairs. Yep, he was snoring away again yesterday. Too funny!

After lunch, Nancy sewed the final seam on the Em's top. There will be borders (I've seen the fabric - stunning) but it is pretty darn awesome looking right now.

Another good day.

I was trying to take a picture of the full moon on Monday night. It looked so cool with the tree branches in front of it. I'm not a very good photographer and I did not think I would get the tree branches...but I did. If you click on it you will be able to see them. Makes me wish I had a super duper Nikon. hehe It was a very beautiful sight.

It is snowing today and I will have to shovel soon. I think we are getting winter now. SIGH

Hopefully another post later on the creations of the day from Nancy and me!

Have a good one.

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