Monday, January 9, 2012

Tebow Time!!!

Wow! Okay, I am a Patriots fan but if you watched that football game between the Broncos and the Steelers yesterday, you just had to feel the love at that stadium. Jeff and I could not get to sleep after that game. It was exciting. Very exciting.

Tim Tebow seems like a very nice young man. He's had a lot of press because of his faith and his praying on the field. Seriously, have these sports writers ever paid attention to any of these other bazillion dollar players who act like complete idiots when they score a touchdown or whatever. They do similar actions and the press writes about Tim Tebow. Give it a rest boys and girls. Stick to the sports and leave the faith based stuff for the people who are more knowledgeable. (ooohhh...cranky Debbie)

He makes me very nervous when I watch him play. I finally figured it out yesterday while watching the game. He just makes me nervous with his slow and methodical movements with the football. Ah...well....he was a hero yesterday.

Of course, that win means he's coming to town to play our beloved Patriots on Saturday night. You can be sure that Jeff and I will be glued to the tv and we won't be rooting for Tim. We'll be rooting for Tom. Brady, that is! :)

Now I have all week to think about the food choice for the weekend. I just saw a baked spaghetti casserole in the Food Network magazine. The problem is which of the two to make: Paula Deen's version or Bobby Deen's lighter version. Oh, the problems I have. hahaha

I have a soup on the stove right now. This recipe came from the Parade Magazine last weekend. It is a Judy Collins (yes, the singer) recipe. It is a split pea soup. I'm not a fan but I read ingredients and if I think they might work well I go for the try.

So in this soup we have: yellow split peas, chicken broth, 1 package of Lipton onion soup mix, water, carrots, vidalia onions, leeks, celery, garlic, dijon mustard, soy sauce and balsamic vinegar. Lots of chopping but you know I think it is going to be good. It simmers for a couple of hours and then you let it sit for one hour and then puree the soup. Calls for a blender of food processor but I have one of those fancy schmancy immersion blenders.

I hope it is good or the Mister will be most unhappy! He's getting a nice big salad and bread as well.

I have my first finish of the year. Meet Willie:

I think he came out quite cute. I did name him Willie. I got kind of attached to him during the process. Now I need to get one of those hangers for him and the other 11 little quilts that will follow.

Over the weekend I managed to get my three sets of laundry basket half square triangles done for our guild swap. Another finish. Thankfully it was a quick project.

I'm eyeballing a table topper to do starting tomorrow. I picked up ric rac at JoAnn's today. Hopefully I will get that done this week. I'll pull out my #5 for the UFO challenge and get that all set to quilt and bind. Wednesday's project perhaps.

It is primary day tomorrow. First in the nation, doncha know? haha I used to really get into the politics during the first in the nation primary countdown. It was always so much fun. I must be showing my age because I'm just not into it. Oh I watch the tv and all but I just don't attend anything anymore. Although there is an interesting candidate for President out there: Vermin Supreme. Goggle him. I dare ya!!! Oh my! This guy is something else. You've got to love it when anyone can run for President. I'm going to pay attention and see how many votes Mr. Supreme gets. He's from Massachusetts so he can't vote here. Obviously. So we'll have to see what kind of a following he has.

Well, that's all for now. Must go stir the soup and then I am going to sit down and read and have a cup of tea.

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