Monday, February 20, 2012

Someone has a birthday today!

Nope, not me!!! Nancy...Yes, she turned 29 today (again). hehe

We went out for her birthday lunch today. We went to a new restaurant - The Copper Door. This restaurant is a member of the T-Bones family and is a bit more upscale than T-Bones or Cactus Jack. It was very pretty inside and had nice comfy chairs.

At the table were the birthday girl, me, Barbara, bg's sister and Kim, bg's sister-in-law. Notice how I just changed Nancy's name to bg? hahaha I'm awful, I know. The food was delicious. We even had dessert. I rarely eat dessert and never at a restaurant (ok once in a blue moon) and it was heaven.

Let's see...Nancy had Sinful cake with a candle in it. Chocolate decadence. I had a maple cheesecake confection that was awesome. Kim had bananas foster which looked wicked yummy and Barbara had berries and cream! Hey, someone had to order something healthy!

It was a very nice time and Nancy presented Kim with the quilt I showed (all finished of course) last week. We're going to hook Kim into getting creative with us when she comes back this summer. Maybe we'll have a mini retreat. FUN! How about it, Kim? Sound like FUN to you, too? :)

All for now. Dinner must get in the oven and I've got to get prepped for my Guild meeting tomorrow. We're having an ice cream social.

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