Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tales from the Hive

Well, February is winding down although we still have one more Wednesday in February since it is Leap Year. This is good because it gives us an extra day to meet the February challenges.

Nancy has to finish her reusable grocery bag for the Potholder Pass 10 swap. Deadline for mailing is Friday and she made great progress yesterday. I forgot to get a progress picture but will post one when she sends me the picture of the finish. Its going to be a cute bag. My bag arrived on Tuesday from Australia (isn't it fun to get mail from other countries?) and I'll show it in another post.

Nancy has a new iPad and we got her all hooked up so when she comes over she can just jump on the internet here. Sometimes we need to do that in a hurry and my laptop is as slow as a turtle. It is funny how things get so slow and outdated in a hurry. I think the laptop is only 2 1/2 years old. It seems to me that it should last longer.

The UFO challenge for February is our project labeled #1. (and this is why I'm thankful for the extra day). For some unknown reason I decided to do my #10 project. I wanted to have new placemats when I eat my meals. hehe So those are done and I'm a happy camper. I still had to do #1. I decided to quilt it yesterday.

After I got it all spray basted and ready to go I had to clean the cutting mat. I hate it when you get fuzz on the mat when you cut batting. Little did I know Nancy snapped a picture of me in all my seriousness of cleaning the mat with painter's tape. Hey, I share and I wanted that mat clean for her!

Back to work...#1 is my Poodles Noel quilt. I decided to play and did some free motion quilting in the background and then stitched around the fused shapes. I did quilt the border and I'm going to look at it again and see if there is a little something more I can do but for all intents and purposes all I have to do is trim and attach the binding and it will be done.

I used this fabric for the backing. After Nancy, Barbara and I made the tops last summer we found this fabric from the Poodles Noel line in a little quilt shop that we had not been to before not far from us.

Cute, hmmm? There is a long story about gathering the fabric for this quilt somewhere in the archives (of course I have no idea how to link. I need to figure that out one of these days!!!) but it was a quest to snag this fabric line. We were all happy to get the poodles and I think it was $4/yard. What a bargain for us! I guess this line of fabric was from 2007 or 2008. Old by the fabric industry's standards, I suppose.

This wall hanging still needs some pizazz so I'm going to look into the crystals thing and see about getting one of those heat guns to affix the crystals. I had done some research on Tuesday night and I will do further research for getting the best deal!!! It is all about saving a buck or two!!!

That was the working part of our day. For lunch, I made a vegetable soup from one of those artisan mixes. They do a good job with all the tasty spices. It was Ash Wednesday and it is a meatless day for some. So vegetable soup was my choice.

Zeus missed the cut last week but we got him today. He was busy doing his usual...

Yep, I found Picnik. A little too late it seems since it is going away in April. Well, while it is around I will play from time to time with the pictures.

We had a little snow on the ground yesterday morning but the temps soared to about 53 degrees so by the end of the day you would never have known we had snow. It has been a great winter so far....more snow in the forecast for Friday but not a whole lot.

That's it for now. I've got more stuff and nonsense but that will have to be in another post.

Have a great day everyone.

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