Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tales from the Hive

As anticipated, I feel right as rain today! Well, I hopefully will have many more Valentine's Days to celebrate in my life. Jeff and I were recalling that last V-Day we were in Maui with our San Diego friends having the time of our lives! Ahhhh....memories.

Nancy and Zeus came over today. That Zeus! He wants treats from me all the time. I don't want to contribute to his tiny weight issue. Dr. Abby (sp) says he needs to lose some weight. Tiny Milkbones won't help the cause. Bad auntie!! hehe

I have a thousand projects I should be doing this month and basically I have not finished one damn thing. I was so productive in January. I'm a bit scattered this month. Today I decided to finish placemats. Now placemats is not the UFO project for the month. The number for February is #1 and the placemats are #10. Well, this is the all about me year (so I have decided) and today I decided to do them.

The pattern is "Take Four" by Cary Flanagan of Something Sew Fine. Cary is also a founding member of the New England Quilt Designers Cooperative and a friend of mine! And Nancy, too. Cary is a member of our Guild as well. She does a lot. You can check out her website:

Well, here's what I've accomplished today:

The four tops were done in 2011. I just recently purchased this really cool batik fabric from my LQS shop to put on the back of them. How clever of me (not really)!!! They will be reversible. haha I did stitch in the ditch for the front seamed sections and flipped it over and I'm free motioning the flowers. Not all the flowers - 2 or 3 per mat.

I've got one top done with the flowers and tons of threads to bury and then do a top stitch around the edges as I birthed them as opposed to attaching binding (which in retrospect, might have been a whole lot easier).

My free motion is something left to be desired but I figure there will be a plate on top!!! Plus, its good practice for me.

Meanwhile Nancy was finishing her table topper. Cool, yes? She used a Moda charm pack and it will be for her sister-in-law for her birthday.

Well, not only did she make one, she made two!!! You see it is her birthday month, too!!!

Looks so complicated but it is not!!! She did a really great job with the quilting. They look fabulous. I'm going to do one for the fall. Actually they would make nice Christmas gifts as well.

I made a turkey pot pie on Sunday for hubby and I and the rest was for us today. was good. She brought some tasty lemon squares for dessert and we were satisfied till dinner.

We have had the craziest winter. We hardly have snow and while there is some snow in the forecast for tomorrow evening into Friday morning it is supposed to be mostly rain for us. I took a couple of pictures of the side of my yard. It resembles the end of the winter. All the cracks (click to enlarge and you should be able to see the cracks - similar to ice breaking up on a pond/lake)in the snow usually show up around the end of March. Its the 15th of February for pete's sake. Not that I am complaining.... hehe

So that was our day. Tonight I'll bury the threads on that one placemat. Hopefully I will finish them in the next day or two. I'm hosting the monthly dinner party on Saturday night so I've got some cooking and cleaning to do!!

Did you do any fun stuff today?

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