Thursday, February 23, 2012

The stuff and nonsense post

Okay...the nonsense first!

We had our friends over last weekend for our monthly get together. It was my turn to host. The plan was to have a little bonfire but I had nixed it because it was supposed to be windy. Men!!!! It was not too windy for them. Of course we don't have all that much snow - really just a tiny bit here and there and it has been dry...So I was a little nervous.

They had it anyway....

Well, nothing serious happened so I guess the only good thing is that I don't have to look at the wood teepees (yes the other one is ash now, too) anymore. There is one more further down in the yard to be burnt but that will have to wait.

On to the stuff:

My brother-in-law from Vegas called last night with news. My niece is engaged to be married. Never in my wildest imagination could I have seen this one coming. Apparently she's getting married in November. Another long distance November wedding. Okay, I'm in....Congratulations, Darya!!!!

Nancy sent me the pics of her finished bag(s) for her partner in the PP10 pass. I love the fabric choices. Of course, having seen the fabric for an up close and personal view here yesterday I can say, truthfully, they are delicious together!!!

Don't you just love that apple fabric? And...yes, her partner is getting a Jane Market bag (top) and the Keyka Lou bag in the smaller size. I wish I had known about the smaller size before I sent mine off to my partner. I think I'll whip up a few though. I've yet to make a Jane Market bag and I'm thinking I need to do that.

Oh and here is my Jane Market Bag from Australia!!!! I really love it. Mandy got my love of orange and put it into the bag.

One other thing I wanted to share. Nancy had done two of these little table toppers and gave one to her sister-in-law on Monday. Of course, it would be nice if I could manage a link in this particular instance but....

Here's the pic of the toppers she did

I really wanted to show the detail in the stitch she used when quilting it. She sent me a close up pic last night and here it is:

Well, I think I am out of stuff and nonsense. My husband indicated he may be working at home tomorrow. Woohoo! I vacuumed today as that's the noisy stuff and I do believe I'm going to have a "Sew Day" for myself. It is supposed to snow a bit, too! Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Hope you all have fun, too!

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