Saturday, March 10, 2012

The state of food

Yep! It was all over the place yesterday. Pink Slime. Well, I am just thoroughly disgusted. I saw something on the yahoo news about pink slime and a quick glance showed my eyeball/mind connection a flamingo and I did not read it. Later in the day, Judy L. had a post about a meat grinder by way of pink slime. BLEH!!!! Then hubby shows up from and work and asked how I was doing with this book I'm reading about wheat. He said his boss told him to read about pink slime! This was about 15 minutes after I read Judy L.'s post.

Hubby and I discussed things and it is now apparent why people have chickens, goats, etc. People want to have control of what they are putting in their bodies. I get it. I really do.

Now I must come up with some plan. I had planned an herb pot for the deck this summer but I'm thinking, perhaps, tomatoes, cukes. I'm also going to be rethinking meat. We've noticed sometimes that the chicken, although cooked, can be really spongy. This is not no-name chicken either! BLEH again. Truthfully, we don't eat a lot of beef but we do eat chicken so this has been kind of a bummer when you have to throw things away because you can't understand the texture.

I may yet become a granola girl(again!). We've already got an arbor ready to put together as soon as time allows to cultivate the Concord Grapes in the back yard. This, of course, is just for fun but, it will be a learning experience as well. I may have to carve out a space for a little garden. We have deer, bear and turkeys. So it will have to be something we give very serious thought.

Hope I haven't grossed you all out today!! hehe Seriously, though, I hate grocery shopping. Unfortunately, winter farmer's markets have come to an end. Well....lots of thinking to do on the subject...that's for sure!!!

Have a great weekend.

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