Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tales from the Hive - walls of color

We were very, very busy today. Nancy was making two small quilts. One is for her and one is for the auction our Guild is having in May. I was making a lasagna quilt for my husband. I've had this quilt cut out since 2008. I think it's time it get finished.

Prior to Nancy's arrival I whipped up my block of the month for Guild. It is called Kentucky Crossroads. I had all the pieces cut out and for the life of me could not understand the directions. There were not a lot of directions so one would assume this block was easy. My brain would not work. So....up to the computer I came to do a little research. Thank God for the internet. There were directions for the original block (in a smaller size) and I was able to visualize what needed to be done.

Literally 5 minutes to sew it all together. I love that!!!! Nancy and I squared it up. Yep, it was a 2 person job! hehe It is a nice block and it will be interesting to see how many come in at the Tuesday meeting.

We truly were busy. Not a whole lot of chatter. Just sewing and cutting. We both made progress.

Here we have our separate walls of color. I was hanging strips behind me and Nancy was working on her rows!

Nancy is making a mini Tokyo Subway Map wall hanging. Back when the Tokyo Subway Map was quite popular (like last year and probably still today!), Nancy had found that someone had done a mini version of it. Much more manageable. As you can see by the picture, Nancy is making 2 of the same thing. It worked out great and she got all the rows done. She will just have to sew them together and then quilt them. Since the auction quilts are due the 20th she has to get that finished first. She will...of that, I have no doubt.

Rows finished but not completely sewn together. It looks good, though, don't you think?

I had the all the rows I needed for the lasagna quilt and was starting to cut them to size. There are 16 4 inch wide rows.

Meanwhile, Himself was just putting up with us today! I think he was mad at me! I forgot to buy another box of treats for him last week (even though it was on my list!) so I only had 4 little milkbones that I had to dole out slowly while he was visiting.

Nancy made a lovely quiche for lunch today. She used duck eggs. I can honestly say I don't think I ever had duck eggs but this quiche was scrumptious. It was really good and I got to keep the last piece! Yea for me.

Another good day at the hive.

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