Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tales from the Hive

Baby steps. Nancy and I are still moving a little slowly but she's moving faster than me!

We did get together yesterday and our first order of business was to hit another favorite quilt shop about 20 miles away. Nancy is participating in a mystery quilt at the shop and needed to pick up her clue. Barbara, Nancy's sister, is also doing the mystery. I, am not! I haven't finished last year's mystery.

I had a mission for going to this shop. I know what's available at my LQS but this shop has different stuff that sets my soul on fire. (how's that for descriptive) So I have my pattern picked out for the table runner in Table Top Swap 2 and I needed to buy fabric for it. I had to have something that sings.

This is what I bought. I won't share the pattern but I think this is going to be lovely.

PS: It is really much more lovely & lively than the picture shows. I think I scared a woman in the quilt shop yesterday as I was lining up fabrics. hehehe She kept looking and I did ask her at one point if I was scaring her. hehehe

On the way back to the hive Nancy needed to stop at the Yarn shop. I'm still in the learning mode with knitting and I did not buy a thing. My pal, however.....I won't say another word!

Back at the hive, I managed to cut out my block for Melissa in QJRR. I will get it finished. Soon.
Nancy, meanwhile, used my GO cutter and cut out her pieces for her table runner.

Last night about 9:00 pm, Nancy called to say she had it all sewn together. Now to quilt it and get it shipped to it's home.

Here is a sneak peek:

Can't show you the whole thing never knows who ends up here reading!

That's about it for the tales. I've got more but it is off topic and it will go in another post.

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