Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Missing Mojo

Geez! It has been a while since I've been here. Nancy and I got together two weeks ago. She made valances. I made a block! Last week we agreed she should stay home and work on a t-shirt quilt that needs to be finished very, very soon.

Today we chatted on the phone. She has not finished the t-shirt quilt. I managed to cut out the pieces to a block for QJRR Flickr bee yesterday. Why I could not sit down to sew it is beyond me. Missing Mojo.

We came to the conclusion that our Quilt Show killed us. I know that sounds so sad but I think it is pretty much the truth. We're trying to get back into it but it is kind of hard. We've both signed up for Round 2 of the Table Top Swap so that should get our creative juices flowing once again. I am looking forward to the challenge.

So...here's what Zeus has been up to. Poor guy. He's probably dreaming of the milkbones!!!

Last week Nancy was getting together with her neighbor pals. Nice that they get together for lunches and such. I had made this chocolate crepe cake the previous Saturday for my monthly dinner club. It was easy to put together. So I lent Nancy the magazine and she, too, made one.

Gorgeous and delicious!!! Oh yes...it is from the Food TV magazine. I love that magazine. I make something (or 2 or 3 things) every month.

Meanwhile she's having some construction done in her house. The children are getting a new and improved bathroom. So that's a project that she provides her might and muscle to from time to time.

What else has been going on? Well, I'm going to be "The Prez" for another year in my Guild. I'm actually looking forward to it. The Quilt Show is behind us (but not forgotten) and we've got some exciting things on tap.

So...tomorrow is hive day. I don't know if Nancy is going to come or not. Totally up to her as she has lots going on. I, however, will be down in my studio doing something. I've got to really get organized. I know I say that a lot but once I get there it is just overwhelming that I do something else. hehe

We've moved the computer into the tv room again since the roommate shows no signs of leaving so I should be able to post a little more frequently and visit my fave blogs since I have no trouble at all on this computer.

All for now.

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