Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tales from the Hive

I was on a mini vacation last week for the 4th. The 4th fell on a Wednesday. Hive Day. No tales last week and it seems like we have not had a tale for a while. So we had grand plans for this week. The UFO number this month is 3 and for me it was the jelly roll race quilt. I really just wanted to do it to see what it was like. I had a jelly roll that I bought a couple of years ago and it was really just collecting dust. So that was the plan.

Well, good plans go awry but we still had success. Nancy had a couple of major important things to do yesterday morning so she was going to be a tiny bit late. Then she had to leave to go get Emily at school. Barbara, Nancy's sister, joined us yesterday as well. She was working on a mystery quilt.

Before Nancy left she managed to get her strips sewn end to end.

Barbara was working on a mystery quilt and she had some really pretty fabrics. Although, not in this picture, part of her fabric choices for this project included a grundge that I have that I used with the table runner I made for the Table Top Swap. Can't go wrong with that grundge fabric. It is scrumptious!!!

I had told Nancy I would wait to do the first big seam on the race quilt. I lied!!! haha I could not wait. Well, talk about BORING....but I got through it. LOL

Nancy came back and got her first seam done. Now keep in mind you are sewing 800 inches. Although I still say it is boring, it spills nicely onto the floor! hehe

I got through the next seam...and then we had to hoover down our lunch because Nancy had to leave again. We both vowed to finish this top by the end of the day. We also were saying no borders - just a binding and be done!

I made a salad and ran down to finish the top. The seams, of course, took less and less time. The last seam took like a minute or two!

Here is mine and as much as I hate to say it...I think it needs borders. I'm going to think on it. I have two bins of batiks - I must have something that will work.

This morning I had Nancy's pic of her finish.

As she got her project done a little later in the day, Zeus was by her side. Zeus did not come over yesterday but he is still a willing participant wherever he may be!!! You might notice that he is guarding her fabric!

We both got the day's goal accomplished. I don't know how Nancy feels about borders on hers. I do think mine needs something. Would I do this again? I don't know. It was fast but it took longer than the hour I saw some tutorials saying that it would take.

All for now...have a great day!

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