Friday, July 20, 2012

The Finished Table Runner

I bought the fabric and thread on Tuesday morning. I cut fabric and spray basted the components and quilted straight lines like a madwoman for two hours.

On Wednesday I brought it over to Nancy's for a little help with squaring up. She has a huge island. It is helpful and she is so much smarter than me! Thank goodness.

One Wednesday afternoon I cut and pieced the binding and attached it. I started the handstitching on Wednesday evening but my eyes don't work as well at night despite the OTT lite!

On Thursday I continued to handstitch at various down times during the day. I finished at about 8:45 last evening. I estimate it took me about 4 hours to do the binding. Not bad - approximately 8 hours over 3 days for start to finish.

Here's the finish and a close up of the quilting. The sun does not appear to be coming out anytime too soon so....

This table runner will be given to my friend, Susan, today. I think she will love it. I love it. I'm not much of a novelty fabric kind of gal but some things just grab you and you go with the flow. I had really never done the straight line quilting that is so popular these days. I do love the look. I think my very first potholders were straight line quilted but you know...potholders - they are not that big!

This runner measures approximately 15 x 55. I quilted lines 1/4 inch apart. A bit of a challenge for me but I did a pretty good job. Not to toot my own horn but I will. LOL I really love the texture this gave to the runner. I loved holding it while I was doing the handstitching.

I've got another one cut out and will probably get started on it on Sunday. I plan to give it to my friend from California who is coming next week.

I'm going to start keeping a journal of the projects I make with the fabrics and thread colors, recipient, date. That kind of thing. I think it is probably a good thing to do. I really don't know why I've thought of that now after all these years. Perhaps I want to justify the expense of fabric, thread, etc. hahaha Maybe I want to see how I progress with my piecing/quilting abilities. I don't really have a perfect reason for doing it. I just think it might be a good idea.

Have a great weekend everyone. I hope Nancy and her family have a great vacation. We will stay connected I am sure via the iPads or texting. hehe

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