Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tales from the Hive

Oh don't get too excited!!!! LOL

Nancy and I are in prep mode for the Guild retreat this weekend. We leave Friday. We're trying to gather our projects together so that we can actually do something this weekend and feel pretty good when it is over.

So I have this string block swap to do as does Nancy. I prepped all my foundation papers and then got all my strips in a bag. I've got a table runner to do and I'm trying to get the 5 different fabrics just right before I cut. I'm overthinking the whole thing and I've got to stop that. It will be ready tomorrow.

Nancy was getting her charm squares done so she could get them in the mail for the Rainbow Charm Swap on Flicker. I mailed mine last Friday and they have been received, thanks to a Flickr mail from the Swap Mama.

Nancy has a few things planned. She is doing a mystery quilt and thought she might try to get through a couple of the clues. She also has a baby quilt, a book bag for her niece and who knows what else.

I'm taking my camera (snap photographer that I am) so we should have pictures from this gala event! haha

So in the middle of all of this prepping we had our hive day - at a restaurant! Yep, we ate out today. It was nice. We even had a dessert - carrot cake. Decadent. The restaurant is The Black Forest Cafe in Amherst, NH. ( I had not been there in quite some time. I had forgotten how lovely it is. There is a really nice bakery and they also sell salads, sandwiches and other delights.

Other than that, it is still pretty much status quo. We really do need to get back into the swing of things. It did feel good to be in the studio today and hopefully the retreat will give me the push to get my creativity back.

Other stuff going on...our friends have a garden and we've seen them two weekends in a row and they brought us so many vegetables I think I might be turned off to veggies. I don't eat tomatoes but my husband does and apparently, the crop has been a bumper crop. Tomatoes coming every which way. Peppers, Chinese eggplant, regular eggplant, cabbage. I love me a good vegetable but seriously.....I think I might just eat meat only from now on. Just kidding. The hubby and I decided there aren't enough meals in the week to accommodate the veggie supply.

So all for now. Hope Nancy and I have lots to show you next week. I hope you are being creative as well.

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