Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gearing up for a retreat

Nancy and I are attending the postponed retreat this weekend. We leave tomorrow. The stuff is mostly packed. The good news is that all of our current swaps were mailed this week and we can just do our own thing this weekend. Woohoo...

Last week we worked on Table Top Swap #3 - Baskets. Nancy did hers and her partner has received them so I will share.

My partner has not received hers so I won't share at this time.

We also belong to Mini Scrap Basket Swap on Flickr. It involves making string blocks and Nancy and I have a goal to each make a charity quilt for our Guild's charity this year. We thought it would be nice to get fabric from around the country in the string blocks. Of course we had 3 months to do it but do you think we did? Nope. We both finished yesterday and we each mailed today. The mail deadline is tomorrow. the nick of time.
I had contemplated bailing but I really hate to not live up to a commitment. So they are done and gone.

After Nancy left yesterday (and she brought a tasty lunch of turkey salad and fresh pineapple - YUM) I decided to clean my sewing machine and oil it before the retreat. So I was happily doing all that stuff and noticed a thread hanging from the hand wheel. Oh oh!!
I started to unwrap and unwrap and unwrap...cut the thread and do it all over again and again. All of this was wrapped around my wheel.

It is from a cone of Masterpiece thread and it is really gray! I am amazed my sewing machine was working. Geez...I have got to be more careful.

So here's my plan for the retreat:

1 Christmas table runner - all the pieces are cut and ready to sew.

2 Mini table runners - one for me and one for my friend at the lake.

1 valance for my kitchen window - bought some cool batik with leaves last week.

1 candle mat - bought a really cute pattern at my LQS the other day.

I've already made 2 nine patch squares for a charity quilt that is being made. There is going to be an alternate block of embroidered leaves which I will be doing as well.

I'm looking forward to going. I know Nancy is as well. I've been running around all day getting ready. It was so bad that I spaced a hair appointment I had at 9 am this morning. I never do that. Ever!!! My hairdresser called and I was mortified. I rescheduled for next Thursday. I felt bad. Double tip for her next week.

Well that's it for now. I'm bringing the camera so there will be evidence!!!

Have a good weekend.

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