Friday, October 5, 2012

Retreat results

Well, it was one soggy weekend last weekend but we managed to have a good time. Oh there were a few blips in the road but it didn't completely ruin the retreat. I will say and I know Nancy will agree, the lighting was absolutely terrible. Even with an Ott lite parked next to my machine it was still too dark, especially at night.

So...first up on my to do list after settling in was to make a new valance for my kitchen window. It was hung immediately upon my return. i love it. It is perfect for fall. I think I'm going to love making these little seasonal things.

I made a candlemat after that but I have not put any binding on and I'm not really crazy about the fabric choices. No picture. It is not worthy. haha

On Saturday I made a little table topper - the new Atkinson pattern called Tankini. Easy peasy. I would have made two, which was my plan, but waiting to use my own ironing board was kind of a pain.

We have Nancy's here as well. She purchased a kit with the fabrics and pattern. Hers is on the left.

I had cut out all the pieces for a Christmas table runner and put that together. Obviously the top one. Both are mellowing on my design wall.

I have another one of these runners to do in the same fabrics. I'm debating whether or not to get them both quilted by the Longarm person. I think she can make it pop more than I can. We'll see.

Here's a closeup of the ribbon. So retro. I love it.

That was it. We did get our designs to do embroidered leaves for the charity quilt. Nancy drew mine for me (thank heavens) and I started it Saturday night along with a bottle of wine. Oh well....finishing did not happen. Nancy and I are actually doing two blocks of embroidered leaves. We will probably have a get together at my house to put these quilts together. We figured we could make 3 lap or roughly lap size quilts to donate to a local nursing home. We will need to find a volunteer quilter for them.

Nancy also made a dresden plate in some lovely bright fabrics and put the plate together. No picture yet. She's making a pillow. Everyone loved it. I'm trying very hard to remember what else she did and I can't. Senior moment.

When I got home my husband said he now knows why I want a dog. Oh oh....the dog conversation again. He was loney when he was all settled in for the day. Oh yes, I get that but that is my life. I was only gone for a weekend. He even picked out a dog. We did not discuss this at all again until this morning. I'm still on the fence. Perhaps we'll talk more about it later. The logistics of having a puppy with commitments looming. I just don't know what to do.

I did make a table runner for my friend at the lake. I'm bringing it to her today. I quilted it on Wednesday (hive day which was just this bumblebee....Nancy had too much to do) and finished the hand stitching on the binding last night. I'm going to take a picture later. I think this is the first day we see the sun all week. It has been kind of yucky and dreary this week.

We are going to close the lake house this weekend. Boo hoo. It has been a good run this year and we can't complain. It will start getting colder so we must shut the well off and drain the pipes. It has to be done and this is the weekend to do it.

Of course this puppy he picked out is right up the street from our lake cottage. Oh brother!!!

Have a great Columbus Day weekend!

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