Thursday, September 20, 2012

The hive is alive

We were back in business yesterday...The Supervisor was in as well. You'll notice that he's very good at his job.

We were busy working on Table Top Swap #3. I can't show Nancy's as we did not take a picture...too obvious, I believe!

I decided to make a sample basket to see how easy it would be to make. So here's my sample:

It was so easy to make. I quilted with red thread for visibility. Like I am on some quilting how to television show!!! LOL You can find the tutorial for these baskets on Ayumi's blog - The Pink Penguin. She's got great stuff there.

I've pulled fabric for the "real" project and have begun to work on it. It will be done but probably not until Monday which will still meet the deadline.

The weather is turning colder. I found a dead mouse in the studio prior to Nancy and Zeus' arrival yesterday. I just gave a little scream! YUCK!!! I guess it is time to button things up for the winter and clean up and make sure no mice get into the basement. It is a little unusual but my husband has been working on the Mustang all week and the doors have been opened so anything could sneak in. Hopefully not a racoon! That would be very, very bad.

I also found a volunteer Butterfly Bush in my yard yesterday. I don't know how I could have missed it but when I was walking up the driveway to get my newspaper a flash of purple caught my eye. I thought it was some other bush that is quite invasive that we have in the back area but it was not. It was way better. It is amazing and still blooming. Great find! Better than the dead mouse!!!

Today we are going to lunch with some of our Guild pals. First stop to Quilted Threads in Henniker. Oh boy!!! Then lunch. We need a bit of "women time" I think. Guild started Tuesday and what should have been so wonderful as we were all pretty happy has taken a little turn. I cannot believe the amount of emails I answered yesterday. It will work itself out and all will be well. Ah....the life of the President. Always an adventure.

The Mr. is taking the day off tomorrow. is okay. I enjoy it when we spend time together. Our son may be moving out very soon (again) and life will be a lot calmer here. It has been stressful at times. He's 32. Hard to parent someone who doesn't want to be parented.

All for now. Have a lovely day.

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